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Barrett-Jackson recap

While Barrett-Jackson auctions are often critiqued for catering to the collector instead of the enthusiast, you have to admit; they sure can sell some iron. The Scottsdale, Arizona auction running January 12 – 19 was no exception. Here are a few of the highlights.

2014 Chevrolet COPO Camaro

One of 69 race-only Camaros, the Central Office Production Order name harkens back to the ‘60s when Chevy limited displacement in their smaller cars. The COPO Camaros were a way around the rules for dealerships, and offered a huge increase in performance. This 2014 version is similar, offering an LSx-based 350 v8, a 3-speed automatic, and a solid rear axle, the COPO is wildly different from the production Camaro. Buyers thought so too, as they bid it up to $700,000.

2015 Ford Mustang GT

As everyone and their mom knows, the Mustang is all new for 2015. While the drivetrain is only slightly upgraded, the exterior shows a dramatic change. The formerly retro pony car now sports a futuristic and aggressive look, and has a quality interior to take on the world. While the Mustang GT will likely have an MSRP around $30,000, bidders felt the need to be first on their block, and took it up to $300,000.

1991 Ferrari F-40

The ultimate prancing horse of the 1990s is worth a ton of money. However, a totaled F-40 isn’t worth nearly as much, which is how Gas Monkey Garage (from the Discovery Channel’s Fast N’ Loud) got their greasy paws on it, and accidentally created something decent. The mechanics did a resto-mod, aiming to make the F-40 faster and better than new, well, except for that horrible exhaust. While purists will complain that all Ferraris should be red, this wicked black machine and its $742,500 sale price disagree.

2010 Qiye Custom Roadster

Supercars and their super prices got you down? Remember, even buyers of average finances can find a deal at Barrett-Jackson auctions. Like this Roadster from Qiye, the Guinness World Record holder certified as the world’s smallest roadworthy car. It has everything you could possibly need: lights and turn signals, a horn and license plate. Of course, it also has a Briggs & Stratton engine, so have topping out at 25 mph on the freeway. For only $9,900, you too can be laughed at by strangers.

1981 Cadillac Seville

Stop laughing. The best deal of the entire auction just might have been this malaise-era Caddy. For the price of one Escalade payment, you can have the famous 4-6-8 engine which used early computers to disable cylinders when they were not needed. Unfortunately, this idea worked as well as the rest of the ‘80s. The one redeeming feature of this car is that 500 cubic inches of Caddy mountain motor will bolt right in. That would leave you with a hilariously fast, yet hideously ugly luxury car. When that isn’t enough, remember that this humpback whale only cost you $1,100.

*Prices include 10% auction fee.


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