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The 1st post – What is this?

Alright, so I need a blog for all the writing I’ve been doing. Not a fan of blogs, so this should be about as fun as a Prius with a stuck accelerator. This will be automotive themed, as I go by “Only Automotive” on Freelancer.com.

Since that site is a content farm that doesn’t publish under my name, I’m putting up what I have written here as a kind of portfolio. Freelancer clients will get a month exclusivity with my little scribblings before I put them up here.

This blog will also cover shows I attend, track days, races, salvage yard runs, random cool cars on the street, and so on.



About bighugefatguy

Educated as a journalist, I logically went into social work. Cars are my passion, and I enjoy writing, so this blog is a collection of my part time work.


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